Monday, April 12, 2010


My brain is having a hard time being motivated right now. I have 500 bazillion things to get done and what do  I decide to do instead? Blog. Because I am THAT awesome.


Remember my awesome list of things to get done? I just remembered it. I'm not sure I got everything done, but I did have an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend.
  • teach choreography
  • go to a spa and get pampered just a little bit
  • do my nails
  • clean my kitchen
  • work on choreography for classes
  • go to walmart
  • finish my marshmallows
  • finish my book
  • work on lesson for teaching course on Sunday
  • put my clean laundry away
  • teach
  • work on choreography for company w/co-director
  • go shopping with Sister B
  • try on formals and decide which one to wear (see below!)
  • Go to the Traditions Ball with SwingKid
  • work on lesson for teaching course on Sunday
Well look at that! I DID get it all done! I am so awesome! By the way, the Traditions Ball that SwingKid and I went to? SO MUCH FUN! It was a major win in the date department. He was a little hesitant to go - but we ended up having an absolutely wonderful time. I looked drop dead gorgeous in my dress (I borrowed on from roommate.) and he was ever so handsome in his gray suit that I absolutely love. We would most likely go again another year because that is how much fun it was for us. :o) And who doesn't like a chance to dress up all pretty like?

Anyways, it was a beautiful weekend and I rather enjoyed myself. Did you have a good weekend?


cspokey said...

I had the worst weekend of my life. But, I'm trying to keep my chin up. I got my hair cut today and it looks like I'm going to Houston to be with my sister on Saturday. Yay!