Wednesday, April 14, 2010

say what?

today is a listy day. I can feel it....

  • Yesterday felt like a Wednesday, today feels like a Tuesday. what will tomorrow feel like?
  • Yesterday I was SUPER sore from my abs & glutes class I went to Monday night. Last night I went to dirty dancing. I am still super sore. I might die
  • SwingKid is done with his first year of grad school. This makes me all sorts of giddy.
  • Summer is do. do do. do do.
  • I need more sunshine. good thing this weekend is s'posed to be GORGEOUS.
  • I am reading a book about summer. I wish I had a summer house. and a beach. and a tan. 
  • I really need some sun....
  • My cough that I have is not going away. 
  • Also, coughing with sore abs is not happy.
that is all.

One Year Ago Two Years Ago
note from the editor: It has been decided that I want to link to old posts that happened on the same date in years past. I think it's fun to see how different life is from year to year. It really shows how much I have changed, plus how much my blogging style has changed. I don't always write every day, so not every day will have a link back. But...a lot of them will. Enjoy reliving my past. I know I will!!!