Tuesday, April 20, 2010

so far...

these are the things that have NOT gone my way today:
  • i have sneezed a bazillion times. my allergies are definitely in full swing.
  • i forgot my AWESOME lunch on my kitchen counter and DON'T get to go home and get it. Now what to eat  for lunch? (it was a lettuce and cheese sandwich! I was SO looking forward to it... :o( )
  • i hit my head on the visor in my car. ugh.
  • i forgot the card for my PT trainer for my appt today. sigh.
these are the things that HAVE gone my way today:
  • i just paid off ALL my hospital bills. my new knee, almost 6 months old, is now paid for. good thing to. that thing was EXPENSIVE.
  • i got paid today. YAY PAYDAY!
  • i went to the gym yesterday and i'm sore. some people might think this should go on the above list, but i believe that soreness = the class is working. 
  • i had red velvet cake for breakfast. unhealthy? yes. worth it? for shizzle!
  • i am wearing a cute hat and pigtails. i feel 7, but adorable.
things that SHOULD go my way if the universe is with me:
  • i should have my last PT appt. today. unless the trainer decides i need to keep coming. 
  • dirty dancing at gold's gym. enough said.
  • red velvet cake is in my fridge. yum.
  •  grocery shopping, which = food in my fridge so i don't have to eat cake for breakfast. although I do love me some cake in the mornings.
for now that is all i can think of. the sad thing is that the bad list happened with in 20 minutes of starting my day....i'm hoping the rest of the day balances out and if it all works out like i've written it, it definitely should. here's hopin'.

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i (is undefined) said...

That italicized smiley face looks really odd. Also, red velvet cake is delicious. And I'm still wary of this dirty dancing. Also, lettuce and cheese sandwich? Sounds... interesting.