Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Marvels

Well, internets, it's been a long time since I've done a Monday Marvels post. And as I sit at my desk I can't think of anything super marvelous going on right now.

Besides the beautiful sunshine that is shining in through the windows.

And the yummy treats I made for BU2 for V-day.

Speaking of V-day, what are all y'all doing to celebrate? SwingKid and I aren't really doing anything big. Just hanging out and probably making dinner or cookies or something.

what's marvelous in your life right now?


cspokey said...

I have a boyfriend! For the first time in my life. :)

I'm not sure exactly what we're doing for Valentines Day, but we're doing something.

beckster said...

YOU are marvelous in my life. I mean it! Things are hard right now, and you cheer me up. Love to you, my favorite BOB!