Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It is SO cold here today. It was a bitter 20 degrees when I drove to worth this morning and I thought I was going to freeze off something important.

Now, it has been COLDER at times here in Utah, but today just seemed to be colder than it really was at the time. Oh well, I'm sitting at my desk at work enjoying the heater that is blowing warmth on me right now.

Random tidbit - Cheez-Its are AWESOME. They have been the best snack to eat at my desk for the past week or so and I'm in love. I had kind of forgotten about the awesomness of these crackers. I'm enjoying the original kind currently, but I'm thinking the white cheddar ones will have to come home with me next time.

Another random fact - I dyed my hair a week ago. I'm now a redhead. Or a ginger imposter as brother C puts it. I look hot. SwingKid told me last night it has grown on him and he's really diggin' it. he he he. I'm pretty much a fan of it right now. :o)

Cause for Celebration - SwingKid is quitting his job so that he can concentrate on school. His last shift is tomorrow night. I am SO EXCITED to not have him working so many odd and random times.

Finally, I am posting so that you know that I'm alive. I didn't die. Even though the feelings of impending doom stayed with me a good part of the day, I survived, lived, didn't bite the bullet, etc.


The Boob Nazi said...

Picture needed!