Sunday, February 28, 2010

beautiful, beautiful morning

it is absolutely gorgeous outside today. the sun is shining, it is semi-warm and it smells like SPRING!!!!

oh how i love spring. spring makes my heart oh so happy. I'm even wearing a cute springy skirt today in celebration. :o)

If you want a good movie, watch Invicitus. SwingKid and I went and saw this awesome movie Friday night at the dollar theater. It was quite good and i really enjoyed it.

If you want some good food, then try this Basil Chicken and Coconut Curry. I got the recipe from SwingKid's sister and it is SO SO SO good. I must experiment more with curry. mmmm....

Basically, I have had a great weekend so far. Tonight we'll be celebrating SwingKid's niece's birthday. She is turning 3 and she and I are kindred spirits. I pretty much adore that kid and I'm excited for her party. Plus, who doesn't love birthdays??

SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAYS!! MY birthday is in one week from today so you should probably start looking for the perfect gift. I love birthdays and have a few fun plans but have left the major part of my birthday in the hands of SwingKid and Sister B. Should be a fun time!!


The Boob Nazi said...

I REALLY want to see Invictus.