Wednesday, February 03, 2010

i'm baaaaaaaack!

not that i was really gone, but I  feel like I was gone for an extradorinary amount of time. huh.

anyways, while I was sitting in the theater last night being BLOWN away by the AMAZING performance my girls gave last night I realized there are a few things I haven't been able to blog about because I've been in a studio/theater for HOURS on end for the past several days.

1. yesterday was groundhog day. seriously, how did I miss this? It looks like Mr. Phil saw his shadow, which I'm very upset about. I want some spring right now.

2. I guess the superbowl is coming up? yeah, had no idea. I thought it was already over. shows how well I follow the NFL....

3. I ran 2 miles on Friday. in 30 minutes. seriously, I am that awesome. It felt really good. I'm excited to be active again.

4. I went to Tucanos with SwingKid last week. (wait, did I blog about this already? nope. guess not...) I am in LOVE with their garlic sirloin and need to find a way to make it for myself at home so I don't spend mega-amounts of money in order to get my fix. sigh.

5. I want fresh fruit. I need to go grocery shopping

I'm sure that's not everything. But it's a start. Also, I just have to say, my junior ballet company did an amazing job last night. They performed their hearts out and danced perfectly. They honestly put tears in my eyes during their contemporary piece. It was just absolutely perfect. It was a great way to end the show. Absolutely perfect.


The Boob Nazi said...

ooo garlic sirloin sounds good.