Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

I've decided that I like Tuesdays...and Thursdays for that matter. But I digress...Tuesdays!!!

Today, Tib posted this letter post thingy where you get a letter assigned to you and then you're supposed to list 10 things that you love that begin with that letter.  

Well, I wanted to play so I asked my dearest Tib for a letter. She gave me the letter "T."

So here are my Ten Things That begin with The letter T That i love:

1.   Threadless T-shirts.  Seriously, they are awesome to a T! he he he

2.  the Tango. One of my favorite ballroom dances of all time.

3. "Time to Say Goodbye" - This is a fantastic song. I love the Sara Brightman and Andrea Bocelli version.

4. Tomatoes.  SwingKid doesn't like Tomatoes, but I do. I think they're great. Now the question is ... fruit or vegetable?

5. Tangerines. Yummy citrus goodness that fits in the palm of your hand. Sweet. Literally.

6. Tapioca pudding. oh my gosh. I love, LOVE, LOVE tapioca pudding. Truly one of my favorite desserts.

7.  Being Tan. However, trying to be tan doesn't always work out for me. But I do my best.

8.  Twitter. It's fun. and festive. even though i'm not good at updating it...

9.  Totino's Pizza. Cheap pizza that I can eat whenever I want. Except right now because I'm trying to lose weight.

10. Tropical vacations. Even though I've never really been to a tropical location, I think a tropical vacation is definitely something I can love. For shizzle!

That was great fun and an awesome letter to boot! Thanks Tib! Anyone want to play? shoot me a comment and i'll send you a letter!!!


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

I'd like to buy a vowel. ;)

Giovanni Schwartz said...

I hesitate to ask for a letter. But I suppose I will anyways.

Also, I'm not sure if it's appropriate, but the one picture I saw of you, you didn't look like you needed to lose wait... I'm just sayin'. (I think it was on Chilly's blog.)

Also, momentous occasion! My word verification is actually a word, as opposed to random letters!