Friday, January 02, 2009


okay, I promised the story of my new year's eve adventures, and we'll start with my airplane adventures since that's where the day began.

So...I was due to fly out of Dulles International Airport at 1:00pm landing in JFK at 2:30 pm and then leaving JFK at 3:30pm to land in SLC at 7:03pm.  

However, the wind on the 31st of December in Dulles was pretty harsh. At some parts of the day it got up to 50 mph!! Well...I'm sitting in the airport at 12:30 and our plane starts to get boarded. I'm not special enough to go first, but those 1st class peeps start to get on the plane and they don't get 10 ft down the walkway when the captain stops them and says the wind is too harsh and they're going to have to delay. I started to hear rumors of a 2-hour delay, but they would check conditions in one. YIKES! I was paranoid before about missing my connecting flight, but now there was NO way I would make it. Within 1 minute of the notice of being delayed the flight attendants called me up to the desk and told me they were putting me on the direct flight Dulles-SLC that left at 4:24 pm. This was fantastic news, besides the point that I had to now sit in the airport for four hours. :P 

Now we interject to tell you why i think this story is amazing. See, two days prior I had had awful nightmares about missing my connector flight and dealing with the layover. See, this was only my second flight, my first being TO virginia. I woke up in a panic and had been praying for days that everything would work out and I wouldn't miss my connecting flight. But what does Heavenly Father do instead? He puts me on a direct flight! He delays my flight enough that they decide to switch me over. 

And this is where things really are amazing. Because with in 20 minutes of the attendant switching my flight, they called boarding for Dulles-JFK. How crazy is that? I would probably not have made my connecting flight if they had waited, but because the attendants are so good to get people to places they made sure to get me on my way the best way possible. And I was blessed to have a delay in my flight so that I would get on the direct flight, which was the best way to fly. :-)

Stay tuned for how the rest of my New Year's Eve panned out, more brownie points for SwingKid, and also how Bob the Fish died on the last day of 2008.


tiburon said...

That is fantastic! I had almost the exact same thing happen on my flight back from NYC.