Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tender Mercy Tuesday: 58th Edition

Hello my dears! I hope this Tuesday has brought you something wonderful. My Tuesday has brought me big, giant, romantic snowflakes and hopes and dreams of the future.

I have two thoughts for today. The first having to do with just this past Sunday. I wasn't feel down, per se, but I did have a few struggles on my mind and things I was praying about.  At the end of my wonderful set of meetings a dear sister came up to me and paid me the sweetest compliment I think I've received since becoming the Relief Society President. It was a simple compliment, but one that I will always treasure and rely on during hard times.

The second thought is that we have an extra 24 hours to our lives this year. I've known all year long that this year was a leap year which equals an extra day to the year...however I didn't really think about the fact that we're going to get a WHOLE extra 24 hours! I mean, this is an opportunity that only comes once every FOUR years. It's kind of a big deal! How often do we wish that we had more time? An extra day? Well, this year you're getting it! Granted, it's probably going to feel much like any other day (especially for me who gets to work and meet with her bishop. :o) ) But I can't help but want to do something to make the day feel just a tad special.

So my dears, what will you do with your extra 24 hours?


Emily said...

I've never thought of leap day that way. It should be a federal holiday. So then we (or at least I) can fully enjoy an extra 24 hours.