Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Day 8: Dress up a Coat we are, Day 8 of the lovely 10 day challenge. I'll admit that it is going MUCH faster than the last challenge, although a part of me is going to miss it. I really enjoy someone else telling me how to dress. (Sometimes. Not all the time.)

Anywho, I didn't really feel like dressing up my every day coat - because most people really wouldn't get to see it and that thought made me sad. :( But then I had the brilliant idea to dress up my suit coat! I love, love, love my suit coat.

Before I dressed it up:
This suit coat was purchased by my mom, for me, a bazillion years ago from Walmart. (I think.) It was also long-sleeved. Well....I didn't ever really wear it - the sleeves were a little on the short side and I just didn't love it. THEN one day I got all crazy sauce, whacked off the sleeves and then hemmed them. NOW I LOVE this jacket and wear it way more often. It's fun. :o)

The whole she-bang outfit:
I added this AWESOME flower to the lapel of my jacket (safety pin to be able to clip this flower onto. :o) ) Pencil skirt from JC Penney, tights (see below) from Forever 21 and my favorite bright pink heels.

the details:
These are some awesome paisely/fishnet tights that I paired OVER a pair of bright pink tights. LOVE this look. I'm a huge fan.

Overall...I loved adding the flower to my jacket! It totally made the outfit pop just a little bit more than it normally does. WOO HOO!


Melinda said...

OH MY GOSH!! I've never thought of pairing fishnets over other tights!!!! I think my mind just exploded! Thanks for the tip! ;)