Monday, February 20, 2012

surprises, Don Quixote, flowers, and fun, flirty times

I am sure that you are all waiting with baited breath to hear about my reunion with Solider Boy and the fantastic weekend that followed.

Well, if you are that person then you are in luck because I am here to tell you all about my most amazing weekend.

Thursday night was GREAT. I got to see Solider Boy, exchange valentines, and dance the night away. It was SO NICE to see him again. I was reminded of how much I really do like this boy that is in my life. He is amazing and so very kind to me. He gave me a book with the sweetest of inscriptions written inside. I felt loved. :o)

Friday I had a few surprises. #1 - Soldier Boy visited me during lunch because he hadn't gone home yet. #2 - He ended up being around for the afternoon as well so after I got off of work I got to see him some more. #3 - He actually didn't go home until LATE Friday night/early Saturday morning because he was around with a friend of his and then he came and saw me. :o) It was most wonderful.

Then there was Saturday. I took my own sweet time getting ready, and was glad for it. I looked gorgeous. I felt like a pretty princess in my dress (pictures coming, promise!) and my hair turned out quite perfectly. Soldier Boy loved my hair. Also, Roommate A did my makeup and she did a stunning job. I loved the look she gave me. Soldier Boy and I met in SLC and then went to dinner at the Blue Iguana. I LOVED my dish! I got the beef tacos and that beef was absolutely amazing. Soldier Boy got the Chocolate Mole and he also enjoyed his dish. mouth is watering thinking about that beef. It was delicious. I think my favorite part about dinner was the cute couple that owned the restaurant that came around serenading everyone. They were amazing and it was so nice to have someone sing to us while we ate.

THEN there was the ballet: Don Quixote. IT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Ballet West did the most amazing job Saturday night. They dancing was incredible, the dancers played their characters PERFECTLY and thoroughly and THEN there was the flamenco at the beginning of Act 3. Oh my goodness. It was INCREDIBLE! I loved it! They only used the sound of a stick keeping time back stage and the stomping of their feet/clapping of their hands. There wasn't a single misstep or moment where they weren't together. I was much impressed. Kitri was incredible and did stunning things with her extensions and turns. Sigh. It was wonderful.

One of my favorite things was that not only did I have a surprise for Solider Boy that night (his boutonniere) but he had a surprise for me! He got me a corsage! Ha. It was so funny that we had the same thought for that night. My corsage was beautiful and featured a main  white rose with three small roses with it. It also had a silvery sparkly ribbon. I loved it and felt so fancy with a wrist corsage to go with my dress. Soldier Boy knows me SO WELL and it was great that we matched being all fancy and dressed up and what not. :-)

After the ballet we ended up sitting in his car just talking. We had the BEST conversation. It was exactly what we both needed and several things were mentioned that we both needed to hear. It was good times. Then, because we hadn't had enough of each other at this point in the weekend, we talked on the phone while we drove home - it was great.

Then there was yesterday. (whew, this is getting long. Good thing you all want to know all the details huh? lol) Yesterday Soldier Boy came down for Sunday dinner with Sister B + Husband. We had a really fantastic roast w/potatoes, green salad and homemade rolls with Hot Fudge Sundae cake for dessert. mmmm....It was SO GOOD. We played a long round of Killer Bunnies (sometimes that game is short and sometimes not, but it was GREAT fun.) There was much laughter, tons of flirting and cards that made my night 100% worth it. After Sister B + Husband left, Solider Boy and I enjoyed reading on the couch together, watching videos of me drugged from my knee surgery, and just talking. I stayed up too late and seeing as how I don't have today off - I'm feeling a little tired, but it was such a great weekend that I'm totally fine with it. The great news is that Soldier Boy is going to be in SLC basically all weekend so I get to spend some extra time with him and that is going to make me one happy camper. :-D

I hope your weekend was FANTASTIC!