Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Shenanigans

Hey dears! It's Thursday! Also, there are less than TWO weeks until my birthday. Luckily for you, you still have plenty of time to get me a birthday present. ;)

In other news, I have plans to be extremely productive this weekend. I know I've said that a lot in the past, but I really believe that to be true. So...without further ado: some Thursday Things. (aka SHENANIGANS!)

  • I was fairly tame in college. No extreme late nights, no crazy parties. It seems that I might be making up for that now. This is difficult because I'm older and my body needs sleep more than it did as a 20-year old co-ed. ha. Life is fun.
  • Solider Boy is the sweetest future boyfriend a girl could ask for. I'm so glad he's my friend right now.
  • I danced in the parking lot in the rain last night. It was amazing. :-)
  • Tonight I get to go to Blue Tango. I LOVE Blue Tango. Seriously, if you're anywhere close to Cougartown and have a love for dancing, then you need to get your butt there pronto. It's great fun.
  • Tomorrow I get to go to Ft. Douglas. I've never been there!
  • Also tomorrow I'm going to the temple w/my bestest roommate, Roommate R! :o) I'm rather excited to be there with her tomorrow.
  • I went to a really good Thai restaurant last night. It was nummy. 
  • My trainer is pretty fantastic. He has made me find muscles I didn't even know existed. My inner thighs? They are sore. :P
  • My hair is getting REALLY long and I LOVE it. :o) It's great.
  • I already have an idea of the epic summer adventures I'm going to have - it's going to be one GREAT summer. :o)
  • Finally, here's a list of everything else I'd like to get done (there's a TON more I WANT to get done, but I'm trying to be realistic here)
    • clean off bottom of night stand
    • clean out and clean off cedar chest
    • clean bathroom (maybe. still debating this one. ;) )
    • Update St. Patty's day wreath for door.
    • Decorate for St. Patty's day
    • Start to make (maybe do the whole thing?) my new bag for Disneyland
    • Make a spring table runner
    • clean out fridge
    • clean out pantry - organize it!
  • Sounds do-able right? right. :o)
Have a great weekend everybody!