Sunday, November 08, 2009


It is Sunday. A beautiful Sunday in fact, and so far I have done nothing today. he he he. I love sleeping. I really do.  It's so good for my soul.

I changed my blog look. Its got some cute little turkeys all over now. I do like the pre-made templates, but I get such a kick out of designing my own. I'm going to have to get Photoshop on my computer sometime so I can have fun designing cool things for my blog. I used to have access to it as a BYU student, but since I graduated....I guess I could convince SwingKid to let me at his computer and version of photoshop...hmmm that just might work. So we'll see, for now, I think I'll keep the cute background I have for now.

Nothing else is really new in my life. Rehearsals with the ballet companies are going well, physical therapy is hard but I'm doing really well and my doctor is impressed by how quickly I am improving. I thought it was going to be the end of my world as I know it and that things were going to be SO HARD for a long time, but all I had was rough few days, and then slowly progressing from there. :o) I think it helps that I've had some amazing people to help me out and be there for me. SwingKid has been such a rockstar of a supporter, and then there's Sister B and Truit who helped out a TON the few days after the surgery. Overall, the knee is doing GREAT!!

I think that's all I have for you. Sorry that I'm so boring as of late. I will try to find something to spruce up this blog of mine. I feel like it is dying, but I don't want it to die so I need to find something to bring it back up to where i'd like it. Have a great Sunday all y'all.


Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Boring? Bah, you're never boring!

Artista said...

I think you should animate the turkeys!!

tiburon said...

I like the turkeys.

Glad to hear the rehab is going well :)

erin said...

There are many open source programs that are like Photoshop... do a search and you'll find it.