Tuesday, November 10, 2009

chick flicks and my dreams

So last night my Roommate R and I got together at my apartment and watched The Proposal. It's a very a predictable movie, but oh so much fun!

Well, after watching this movie I went to bed and proceeded to have some really weird dreams. Dreams that consisted of me suddenly getting engaged and then trying to get married in ONE WEEK! I had to do all sorts of things, and there were SO MANY people in my dream helping out with putting the wedding reception together and it was at a house I had never  been to before, but was supposed to be a family friend's house. It was just weird. There were so many things that were weird about this dream it is very hard to comprehend. I woke up and had to stop and think for a minute about where I was and what my life is REALLY like right now. SO WEIRD.

This has happened before - where I watch a chick flick and then my dreams sort of resemble the movie. It's very weird and maybe proves that I shouldn't watch certain movies right before going to bed. he he he


tiburon said...

I watched that movie and then went home and dreamed that I had Sandra Bullocks body in that scene where she was coming out of the bathroom.

I was so sad when I woke up and saw he truth...

Artista said...

I hoped you liked the male dancer, i really thought of us in Vegas. Ha Ha lol.