Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Marvels - conference edition

I love General Conference. It always seems to buoy my spirits and help evaluate my life. This conference was no different. I had several favorite talks including, President Uchtdorf, President Monson (always a favorite) and Elder Holland (sorry all the links are to the audio, there isn't text up for it yet.)

There is just something calming about hearing the words of the prophet. I love it.

btw - 18 days until D-day (aka knee surgery day). I'm trying to come up with a list of things that I need to do prior to surgery. Like go to a corn maze before walking becomes difficult! I also was thinking of sky diving - but I'm not sure I want to do that anyways. lol. So what are your suggestions, dear readers, of things I should do before I get surgery? I'm trying to dance as much as possible before D-day but it hurts a little so I have to be careful. suggestions??


Katria said...

Yes. Go skydiving. You won't regret it.

Wiwi Kalawi said...

I think instead of D-Day you should call it "Knee-Day".

Go dancing before hand. You know you want to.

tiburon said...

kickbox? take up the pogo stick?