Thursday, October 22, 2009

it's tomorrow guys...

and i am still freaking out. eek! plus, my head hurts and i can't take anything for it. this is stupid.

as far as my to-do list goes, it has shrunk and grown in different respects. what it looks like now:

  • grocery shopping for like 2 weeks (well...maybe not two weeks, but close enough)
  • make food and freeze it so i don't have to cook (i bought a lot of easy to make items and just need to make some jello tonight. :] i am awesome)
  • find a chair for the shower (anyone??) or SOMETHING
  • get glitter toes (tomorrow. SwingKid's sister. :o) I'm thinking purple....) (they are SUPER cute!!)
  • books (also tomorrow. :o) )
  • movies (tomorrow and every time i need a new one SwingKid is in charge of my entertainment...I'm not sure he completely realizes this yet.)
  • get gas for the car
  • clean room (6p-7p)
  • clean lv room (6p-7p)
  • get a blessing (9:15p ish)
  • pick up crutches from friend (9:15p ish)
  • go to gold's gym and freeze my account 
  • go talk to the trainer to set up rehab
  • take BU2 co-director BU2 things (8:40p)
  • pick up CD of pictures from photo shoot (9p)
  • call hospital for surgery time (i can do this in 30 min....)
  • take a nice, hot bath (10p ish)
oh man. i'm trying to just breathe and not freak out, but that hasn't worked all week and i don't think its going to start working now. sigh. i need work to be over so i can take a half hour nap and then get things done!