Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update: To Do List

It seems my to-do list keeps on growing before i can really mark anything off. i hate it when that happens...

  • work 4 1.5/5 days at my customer service job (almost!)
  • have an all day dress rehearsal on hump day (that day will definitely be a hate day) (update: it went well in some respects, and awful in others more on that when i have time. maybe a show recap?)
  • go to 2 wedding receptions and take my friend to the airport
  • run 4 shows in one day
  • crash after the 4 shows
  • get my car inspected so i can register it
  • get an oil change
  • go on a date with SwingKid (when? i have no idea....)
  • spray paint 14 hula hoops before saturday morning (should be done by tonight)
  • pick up flowers saturday morning (ordered - just need to pick up)
  • go to post office for stamps (hopefully by this afternoon!)
  • get wedding gifts (or something?)
ugh....i will be so happy when i can just work and eat and sleep for a little while.