Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love thursdays! woot woot!!!

So, yesterday 3 CrAzY things happened.

#1 - I went to the temple (this isn't crazy, just cool) and the guy baptizing me was BLIND! He would have the person being the proxy say the name and he would repeat it during the ordinance. It was really, really cool.

#2 - In the process of driving up to the Yanni Voices concert I went to with Roommate LX (see below) we were on I-15 between 800 N and 1600 N in Orem when this cop car gets on the freeway and starts weaving all over the place! We were kind of freaked out by this and called 911 to tell them that a cop was doing weird things (we didn't know any better) the nice dispatcher told us that the cop was just slowing down traffic for an accident that was just North of 1600 N. Huh, i had no idea that's how it worked! It was really kind of nifty.

#3- YANNI VOICES!!! I got free tickets to the Yanni Voices concert last night and Roommate LX and I drove up to downtown SLC to see it. Man, it was SO SO SO good!! I loved the music and the lights they did to match were incredible. I also loved almost all of the 2 girls' dresses. They were gorgeous.

It's been a busy week, but I'm excited for the weekend. SwingKid's sister is cutting my hair tomorrow and I'm excited to see what it looks like when all is said and done.

Also - in case you were wondering on how my to-do list looks, here's an update!

  • Oil Change
  • Car inspected for registration purposes
  • clean and vacuum car
  • clean room and do cleaning checks before Thursday morning
  • get health insurance
  • get reimbursement check for towing
  • work 20 hours
  • go to institute
  • grocery shopping
  • practice song for church (i'm singing in 2 weeks)
  • buy a wedding present
  • go to wedding reception w/SwingKid
  • go to CPK w/SwingKid
  • bask in the sun (if the rain would ever stop so I could!!! :P )
  • make sure bike is functional
  • go to Library