Wednesday, June 24, 2009

she's HERE!!!

My little sister (sister B) is now Roommate B! Yay! We got home from the airport kinda late last night, but that was fine since I had slept for hours earlier with the help of Ambien. (thank goodness for Ambien)

let's see...what else is new? oh! SwingKid's sister cut my hair Friday afternoon and I LOVE it. a nice little trim and some evening out/thinning of layers and I feel so so so much better!

oh! i've been reading like crazy. I've read some pretty awesome books lately including parts of the Wicked Lovely series, books by Juliet Marillier (who is my new fav) and the Luxe series. mmm...i love reading. ;)


Angiegirl said...

Yay for Juliet Marillier! Have you finished Daughter of the Forest yet???

Artista said...

congrats on your new addition!