Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time Flies!!!

Time has been quickly, silently flying by for me in my little world. Let me see if I can catch you up on my life for the past week or so.

Birthday Recap

This day was AWESOME! It was my birthday and I had a splendid time. My ballet girls decorated the studio, kidnapped me, and surprised me with breakfast. :-) It was so much fun! After ballet, I went to campus to set my spacing for senior project. (more on that later) Then it was home to shower and get all cute for the rest of my day! Roommates LZ, R, and J along with Roommate J' BF, SwingKid and I all went up to play mini-golf. It was a BLAST! Then SwingKid and I went to Tucanos for dinner. Oh my gosh. I LOVE this restaurant. It is so good. After filling ourselves with an assortment of meats (my favorite still being the garlic sirloin. i need a recipe for this) we walked around the mall to settle our stomachs. Then it was back to my apartment for some fabulous cake made my Roommate R herself

Senior Project Recap
At the beginning of this week, I thought that life was going to be INSANELY busy with rehearsals every night until all hours and I had a few concerns about my project. However, up to this point I haven't been on campus later than 8:30pm, my piece looks fabulous and I'm not stressed AT ALL. My piece gives me chills everytime I see it. It's exactly how I first pictured it way back in November when everything fell apart. Now, every time I see it, the chills run up and down my spine and my eyes tear up. It's going to be fabulous.

If you want to come, order tickets here. It's going to be grand, the rest of the show is beautiful and I encourage you to get out of the house and become cultured!!!! :-)

Love y'all!!!