Thursday, March 26, 2009

still waiting...

yes. i'm still waiting. there has been NO phone call and it's driving me nuts.

in other news, my horoscope was RIGHT ON today:

Your energy may be a bit scattered (why yes it has!), Alishka Babushka, and although your days are jam-packed with activities and events, you still go to sleep every night feeling like you didn't get anything done. (dude! did you like read my mind last night as I went to bed? this is EXACTLY how I felt! I did 5,000 things and yet when I went to bed felt It is time to prioritize. Examine all the things that you do for others versus all of the things you do for yourself. You may be surprised at the imbalance that you have created in your world. (i think there is always imbalance in my life. i should fix that) Use this day to do things for yourself instead of serving the whim of others. (ha! yeah right. there's no time for "me" today....sigh.)

So yeah...way to be horoscope. way to figure my life out for me. sigh. Why won't this guy just CALL ME already???


Allie said...

I am nervous for you! Update AS SOON AS YOU HEAR okay?!

Love you!