Monday, March 23, 2009

stupid or in love?

I'll let you decide after you hear this story.

SwingKid emailed me early Saturday afternoon to tell me that 1)he lost his phone, thus why he hadn't texted me back or anything and 2)his car was unlocked, but parked outside my complex and would i mind going and locking it?

So, I did what any good girlfriend would do and i went out to his car to lock it, but before i did, i took a quick scan of his car and found his phone on the passenger seat. I took it so that no one would try to steal it from his car (it's a REALLY nice phone), locked the car and went back to my apartment. I sent him an email back informing him of my discovery but knowing he probably wouldn't check his email until he got back i sent a text to a mutual friend to tell SwingKid of said discovery.

I knew SwingKid would be home sometime last night. I just didn't know when. He had told me they were hoping to leave like 10-11am ishj from Sacramento which meant that 10 hours later he would be home. Well, at midnight he still wasn't home and I knew that he would need/want his phone back and I really wanted to see him (I'm selfish like that).  so I put a sticky note on his car telling him that I had his phone (in case he still didn't know that) and that I was sleeping on the couch and he could knock and i would wake up. 

3:45 this morning there was a knock at the door. I rolled off the couch, looked through the peep hole and with sleepy eyes smiled as i opened the door and pulled SwingKid into my arms. I was one happy (yet very sleepy) Alishka Babushka.  I gave SwingKid his phone, told him the happy news (which i realize you don't know yet, so here goes) that I have a job interview today and a different work schedule, so I'll see him when I'm done? He smiled at me, gave me a kiss told me to get more sleep and said he'd wait for my call. How i love that man. I grabbed my pillow and blanket from the living room, sleep walked my way into my room and fell asleep. 

So that's where I am this morning. Slightly sleepy from a strange night's sleep and yet so happy because I saw my boy. Even when it's just for a moment it makes me so happy. I know that I'll be fine today because I saw him. :-) Have a great Monday y'all!!!


Kristina P. said...

I remember those days. And miss them. You guys are so sweet!

Allie said...

Aw, yay!

tiburon said...

Sounds like love for sure :)