Tuesday, October 02, 2007

once upon a time

Alishka went to homecoming in high school. With a kid that we'll call superman. Now, superman was a great friend and they had a grand ol' time. Nothing happened from it.

Superman went on a mission. Alishka wrote superman like a good friend (she writes all her friends. ask the postman, he knows), but there was no promise of waiting or any of that jazz. In fact, Alishka only thought of superman as a good friend. Nothing more, nothing less.

Superman came home from his mission and was very insistent on seeing Alishka as soon as he could. They got together one afternoon and talked in the park for an hour. Alishka started school again and life started to get busy.

Alishka went on dates with other boys. She forgot about superman. Then one day superman called her. And asked to hang out with her. Alishka was a very busy person but told superman he could come and watch a TV show with her and her friends. superman came, but so did other friends and boys, Alishka couldn't just devote herself to superman, she had to be a good hostess!

The evening was a success and Alishka once again forgot about superman. She still liked other boys you see. Well. The next day superman called again. Alishka told him she was busy that weekend, as was the truth, and he said he'd call in a few days to set up something for the next week.

Alishka forgot about superman again. Her focus just wasn't on this super hero. He called. She explained her schedule for the next week, and he asked if he could take her to dinner the next night (aka tonight). Alishka said yes. After all, he's a great friend, it's a free meal, and they hadn't really been on a 'date' yet, so she should give him a chance right?

Unfortunately for superman, his story will probably end here. Alishka just isn't interested in such a super hero. She has her eyes set on other fish in the sea. Specifically ones that don't have to drive 1/2 an hour to see her, ones that are really attractive to her, and basically, ones that hold her attention. So off she goes to be a good friend and enjoy dinner and conversation with an old high school buddy, and hopefully without leading him on.
The End.

*okay so really, he is a nice kid. And I do like him as a friend, a brother even, but as a boyfriend? Right now, me thinks not. I just don't like him like that at all. I'm just not that into him (no matter how much my mother wants me to be) and would rather we just stay friends. I hope we have fun, like friends should, but without me leading him on. I hate breaking boys' hearts... sigh.