Thursday, May 17, 2012


I seriously make the worst sick person.

When I was younger my mom would have to bribe me/tie me down in my bed to keep me home from school when I was sick. I was too responsible and loved school too much to want to miss it. I remember one particular year - sophomore year of high school I was spring time and I had strep throat for the third time that year. I had gotten my drugs that morning but wasn't cleared to go to school. However I had a test for my computer class that my teacher had warned us COULD NOT be made up NO MATTER the reason we weren't there. I went to school and took the test. My mom was so mad at me!

Fast forward to yesterday and today. Both days I woke up feeling awful. I knew I could function if it was absolutely necessary, but overall I felt icky and didn't want to move. I did what any grown woman does -  I called my mom. I needed her to tell me it was okay to stay home. :o)

So I've been home sick - and let me tell you - it sounds all glorified and stuff when someone else is the person that gets to skip out on work responsibilities and be home sick but when it is you? It sucks. Hard core. I've hated just lounging around. There's nothing good on tv, I don't have enough energy to clean the kitchen or be crafty and it's really hard to concentrate on a book when you're sick. So you do nothing but watch reality tv shows.

Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow. It's my day off so I can continue to get loads of sleep and hopefully feel well enough to get some tasks done and then play with the boyfriend all weekend. Speaking of the boyfriend, he's been so sweet to me while I've been sick. He took such good care of me last night. I'm a fan of him. ;)

Have a good weekend all! Stay healthy!