Sunday, May 06, 2012


See those numbers up above? yeah....that was my time in the 5k on Saturday! Awesome, right?!


That is a minute and half FASTER than my last time of 35:35. :o) Also! I only walked ONE BLOCK of the entire 5k. That in of itself is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT for me.

See, the last time I ran 3 miles (about a week ago with Solider Boy) I had to walk a good portion of our run. So to only walk one block, that was an awesome feat for me. I am feeling so good about my accomplishments from this last 5k. Now I need to find one to run in each month for the rest of the summer. I'm looking forward to dropping my time to 30 minutes or less. :o)



GemDrop said...

Well done! :)