Friday, March 02, 2012

Photo-A-Day + bonus footage

Hey guys. me again. Hope you're having a splendid Friday. My right contact is throwing a hissy fit, and my hamstrings are sore from dancing last night....but I'm a happy camper. So that's good.

Here's today's Photo-A-Day. The prompt? Fruit.

AND because I love you and because it's Friday....a few bonus pictures from my adventure to Barnes and Noble with Soldier Boy the other day. :o)

the books we read to each other...

pretending we're 5 yrs old...

this is our future house. :o) complete with weather tower, guns on the front and a courtyard in the back. :)

Happy Friday all y'all!!


Bill said...

Cows say, "Moo!" Sheep say, "Baa!" Three singing pigs say, "La la la!"

I love Sandra Boynton! :)

"But YES the hippopotamus!"