Thursday, March 08, 2012

a birthday hangover....

I'm just a little on the tired side of life this morning. I had the BEST birthday last night! It was utterly fantastic. Let's get onto Thursday Things and I'll share some details....and PICTURES!!

  • Like I said, FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY party last night. It was just Sister B, her husband and Solider Boy. (plus me of course)
  • Dinner was HOMEMADE by Soldier Boy and it was my favorite dish of all time - Chicken Cordon Bleu. mmmm...I have leftovers for lunch or dinner today and I'm rather excited about that. :o)
  • I was kidnapped last night and then Roommate A helped Solider Boy out by decorating the was a princess themed birthday party. It was fantastic.  
  • After the AMAZING dinner we played my new game (oh! I almost forgot! My sister had hid ALL of my presents in my apartment and I had to go looking for was very creative. I loved it)
  • One of my other presents was this adorable piggy bank: 
  • isn't she cute? :o)
  • After presents and games and dinner...we went to Trafalga (wearing my birthday crown!) and played a round of mini-golf. Fantastic fun right there.
  • THEN it was time for cake. I LOVE cake. My sister made THE BEST cake EVER!
  •  Seriously, is that not the CUTEST cake you have EVER seen? I loved it!! 
  • Honestly, it was the BEST birthday ever! 
  • Tonight I get my birthday jam at Blue Tango. I'm REALLY excited about this.
  • Tomorrow is my day off and I get to play with my Truit.
  • Saturday I'm going to dinner w/my friends and stuff. I'm excited for that.
  • one week from today I'll be in Disneyland! :o) YAY DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty much, the next 10 days are going to be SUPER DUPER AWESOME!
  • Finally, today's photo-a-day prompt was: WINDOW. Here's my bedroom window looking out.... have a great day y'all!


Mrs. Tickle said...

This cake looks AMAZING! All the best!