Thursday, September 09, 2010

today is brought to you by the number...


You guys! today is my 900th post! Can you believe it? I really can't! In fact, once I found out that I was to reach this milestone I started brainstorming ways to celebrate. (Thus my long hiatus...) Well, as I tried to think of the most awesome thing I could do I started to get overwhelemed and realized that I should just post like normal. Sound good? good. Because trying to come up with something uber awesome was stressing me out. My thoughts are a little scattered today, but I think I can pull them together.

Since I last posted, August has come and gone. We're now into September. I love September. It's such a great month. It can be really warm (making you still remember your awesome summer) and then you have days of cool mornings and warm afternoons (aka jacket weather!). Today is one of those cool days - but I'm pretty sure we won't have a super warm afternoon. It's just supposed to be cool and rainy. I love these kind of days too.

Let's see...oh yeah! I finally got my ferris wheel ride. SwingKid was up visiting his sister overnight up North and the next day he calls me and says "Hey! We're going to Lagoon! Come!" So I did!!! I am so glad we did too! It was a total blast. I don't have any pictures because even though I brought my camera, I forgot my battery at home charging. sigh. Go me right?

School started for SwingKid again which means that life just got a little more busy for two of us, but so far it seems to be going okay.

Whew. I'm tired now trying to think and stuff. I promise I'm back and I won't let you go so long from hearing from me again. I missed blogging, I really did. So here's to another 900 posts and fun and games in love and war.

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Courtney said...

900 posts is amazing! :-) You're awesome Alicia... keep posting.

PS> Are you and Swingkid engaged yet? When is that going to happen? :-P