Monday, August 02, 2010

Mondays are full of hangovers

I did get sleep this weekend. But I definitely feel the wake of being up late basically every night from Thursday to Saturday. Basically I feel hungover. Not that I know how it really feels, but I'm going to pretend.

Yesterday I went to bed early, but then I just couldn't fall asleep. It was so sad. So I'm feeling slightly tired. (why is it I never sleep well on Sunday nights? ugh.)

This week should be full of fun though. I have a birthday party, a hair appointment, a nail appointment, and one last weekend before I see my family! I leave one week from today to fly to Virginia for a little vacay with my family! I am so excited! We're going to go shopping, visit some sites in DC, see Inception, play at the water park, take family pictures and just have SO MUCH FUN!!!

So yeah. Definitely looking forward to the next week being OVER. I am so done with it. I am also done with August. August is a blechy month. Seriously, whoever invented August should be shot. September is just so much better. Can we have two Septembers this year? Please?

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