Wednesday, August 02, 2006

an answer to prayers

so i had an enrichment board meeting last night, late. and we all know that alishka and late are not usually very good combinations. so, i get home from said meeting at like 10:45, wishing i had been in bed an hour ago. so as i am saying my prayers i ask that i might be able to wake up with my alarm the next day so i can go to my 7:30 class. (it should be made known that my goal for the next 2 weeks is to never miss a class. a worthy goal me thinks. although its been close monday and tuesday b/c i didn't wake up until 1/2 an hour after my alarm went off...oops...)
anyways, so with my alarm clock set for 6 am i go to bed. and i wake up at 5:58 with a need to go to the bathroom like there is no tomorrow. i try to hold it, turning over in my bed, when my alarm clock goes off. i jump out of bed, turn off the alarm and run to the bathroom where i thank God for coming up with some way to get me out of bed. let it be known that today was the first time in like a week that i actually woke up before all 3 alarms had gone off. huzzah.


erin said...

he he, I have two alarms for that same reason. :) I don't like getting up in the morning.