Tuesday, August 22, 2006

free lunch gets me a blind date

okay, so see if you can stay with me here....

so i volunteered (actually it was more like would you? and i said yes...) to work for commencement on friday. doing this earned me a free lunch at the Thai Ruby on monday with everyone else that worked my particular college's commencement (the college i work for, not school for...) well....in going to this lunch i got better acquainted with the dean's office student secretary (how about DS for short?) and met 2 people from the advisment center (about advisment girl, and advisment boy?) so...we were all talking, and advisement boy (now AB) asks AG (advisement girl) who has a bf who is out of town to go to the symphony with him that night, because DS has a date with AB's friend, and then he mentions that his other roommate needs a date, and DS and AG decide that AB should set me up with AB's Roommate. got that? SO....I say sure, and he says he'll call me at work after lunch to confirm details.

1:50 rolls around and AB calls me, and asks if I still want to go, I say sure and he says that his roommate (we'll call him the Blind Date or BD) will be taking me, we're going out to dinner and to be ready at 6:30p. So BD is late in picking me up because AB got lost, which is all good and off we went. We went to Rumbi Grill (which has the best food i think of many places that I have been to eat) and then we went to the Utah Symphony. Which was AMAZING!!! They played an evening of dances so it included many a Hungarian, Slavanic dances, AND they played stuff from Swan Lake (I SO wanted to get up and dance!!) and they played the Summer movement from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It was beautiful. and I loved it. And the date wasn't awkward AT ALL. Unlike my last blind date...so yeah. Way fun. And my date is going to be a Law Student this fall, and he had a great sense of humor and put me at ease almost immediately. It was great. and so...now I leave you. Ciao.