Thursday, August 10, 2006

looking forward to the weekend!!

so i am really excited for my weekend, but its only thursday and that makes me sad. :( what is even sadder is yesterday i thought that it was friday, but it wasn't. sigh.

so what makes my weekend so exciting? well...let me tell you why

  1. it's the weekend, that in of itself is an exciting thing.
  2. tomorrow, my dad is taking me to lunch. yay. (unless his flight never comes home due to the raised levels of security, although i highly doubt it, he's only in chicago.)
  3. i am going out to dinner with my family tomorrow ! huzzah (meal #2 that is free....)
  4. friday: wedding reception for a friend from high school...i can't believe she's getting married.
  5. saturday i am going to park city to the outlet stores w/the fam. yay for new clothes!!
  6. saturday: I am going to go and see Step Up with my friend. i am really excited!
and that is why i am excited for the weekend. plus i got my hair cut a week ago and i like it. a lot.

oh and a guy from the dance lab last night asked for my number...and wants to take me to lunch. that makes me super happy. :D


Marisa VanSkiver said...

ooh, was step up good? I want to see it, but this last weekend was jam packed! hope you had fun getting clothes and free food!

alishka babushka said...

actually, i dind't get to go and see it, my friend backed out on me...punk.