Tuesday, September 01, 2009



I was SUPPOSED to go to VEGAS this weekend.


then the show got CANCELED.


i am very SAD and DEPRESSED and need new plans for the weekend. What am I s'posed to do now??



Katria said...

Well, St. George probably isn't as awesome as Vegas, but at least there is less obvious sin, and you're still welcome to come visit!

cspokey said...

My show tonight was cancelled, too.

Well, postponed. :(

Angiegirl said...

Oh, no! Well, definitely come by and I'll hook you up with excellent books. Then make SwingKid take you somewhere fun. :)

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

you should still go! just go have a fun weekend away!

Chillygator said...

Don't worry, we will eventually get you to a Linda Eder concert. If only you were free when I wanted to go (o:

erin said...

Come to swiss days! :)