Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Marvels

Well folks, it's Monday. Today, I'm not a fan of Monday. I feel like my weekend was just too short. It was a different weekend then expected in some regards, but different is not necesssarily bad. :o)

Today's Marvel is that of a series of books that I've been reading that I think you would like too!

The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr is a wonderful series about faeries. I love faeries.

Right now there are 3 books in the series, Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange, and Fragile Eternity, with two more on the way.

I LOVED Wicked Lovely, enjoy Ink Exchange, and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about Fragile Eternity. It might warrent a re-read in a few places. Fragile Eternity just went places that I never thought I woudl end up in with this series. thus, I spent much of the book just trying to figure out what was going on and where it was going to end up, and when it didn't have a solid ending I let out a squeal and tried to roll over in my bed and go to sleep. This did not work so well and now I have to wait until April (7 months AWAY!! GAH!) for the next installment...sigh.

Please do not let this deter you from reading the books. They are wonderful and easy to read. :o)


Matt and Amber said...

I love that you write it 'faeries' we can be friends ;)

robinawallace said...

sinner, you need to enjoy today.