Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I usually hate Wednesdays...

BUT today has the makings of being a FABULOUS day.

Yesterday was not so fabulous, mostly because i felt like a zombie all day long. By the time I got home from teaching last night (around 7:15) I was pretty dead. I took a nice long bath in my jetted tub while watching The Big Bang Theory season 2 and then by the time I was done with all of that I took my latest read out into the living room and SwingKid showed up a few minutes later. At this point I was fading fast and it was probably 8:30 or so. I put my head in his lap and dozed on the couch for a little bit until he told me to go brush my teeth - and then he tucked me into bed. I definitely felt like a little kid, but I was okay with that. :o) I fell asleep around 9:45 or so and slept until 6:45 this morning. I feel WONDERFUL!

Also, today is spoonme day. I love spoonme. :o) So let us pray that today is a happy day (especially since yesterday was NOT a happy day)