Monday, April 27, 2009

poor car, bad back, early to work, amazing boyfriend....the beginnings of a strange week: i can feel it.

poor car: my car has been having issues. i think i killed the battery a few too many times. SwingKid, being the wonderful, marvelous boyfriend that he is picked me up at my apartment (since i have a dead car - no jumping would help. :( ) got my battery out of my car, took me to work, then went to an auto store and got me a new battery. we'll put it in after i get off of work and hopefully that will make it ALL better.

bad back: ever since my accident a week ago, my lower back has been giving me some issues. I'm thinking of seeing a chiropractor. any suggestions for one in the provo area?

early to work: work called me this morning before I got home from my run. the receptionist called in sick, and with one of the other girls out on vacation (Australia, JEALOUS!!!) they asked me to come in early. So...instead of working 12-4 like planned, i'll end up being at work from 10-5. yay extra $$$!!!

amazing boyfriend: first off, see poor car above. Second off, SwingKid sat next to my parents (BY HIMSELF) at graduation on Friday, took many awesome pictures AND went to dinner with me and my parents Saturday night. He did a great job entertaining and talking with them. made me happy. i'm definitely the luckiest duck in the pond these days.

all of these things lead up to the beginnings of a strange week. Being a new graduate, having a new job, and all sorts of other things i thought this week would start off differently. but why would life go the way i want it to?'s to a GREAT (albeit strange) week. :-)


Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

mt mahogany chiropractic across the street from the purple turtle. you actually go see a myotherapist first then they determine if you should see their chiropractor. but i believe it's just $25 for the first time and it's an hour long and i have many back probs and they've helped me out a TON! you can google them. there's a website so you can get their info and call and stuff. and the first time you see the chiropractor it's just $35 i believe. anyway, MARVELOUS!!