Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adventures of me

so yesterday was full of adventures. It all began with the normal company class and rehearsal. followed by my own rehearsal (since i'm now performing in June. have i mentioned that i haven't been on pointe in a year and i'm now trying to get myself into shape to do that? yeah...not fun!)

after all that, Roommate R and I went down to Payson to do Sister B's hair along with her 3 friends. It was quite festive, and we managed to get them all done and beautiful before their dates picked them up. SUCCESS!!!

THEN roommate R and I went swing dancing. We were on our way home...when I got pulled over by a cop. for the FIRST time in my life! I guess I didn't quite stop at the stop sign...oops. BUT the police officer was really nice and let me off with just a warning - as long as i stopped twice at the next stop sign. :-) which i did. 

Today has been a beautiful Easter Sunday. Sister B goes home tomorrow, I have 3 more classes to attend and 3 finals to deal with (only one of them happens during finals week though. so pretty much life will be a piece of cake as of Tuesday) and my parents will be here in a week and a half. Life is fabulous. 


erin said...

Okay. Hilarious that you teach my sister's ballet class. I'm happy to validate our sickness story any time. :)