Monday, April 06, 2009

monday morning

I love Mondays! Except when I have to wake up uber early to teach ballet....blah. However, I went to bed early enough last night that I'm feeling pretty good today. I do think I'll try to get a nap in but then again I might not. ;)

I just LOVED General Conference. It was fabulous. There were a few talks that really helped me and gave me some food for thought that will help me get through the next 6 months.

Tomorrow Sister B lands in Utah. I'm so excited!!! SwingKid is also excited...or at least happy for me. ;) It will be some fun times. She and I are going shopping, doing hair for Prom, and will probably eat lots and lots of junk food. he he he.

Also....time is drawing closer to when I will be FINISHED with my degree at BYU. I can hardly believe it. It amazes me. :)

Have a great Monday y'all!!!


tiburon said...

Have fun with Sister B :)