Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Things

Hey dear friends! Are you melting yet? It's definitely summertime around these parts with temperatures extremely hot. I'm not going to lie, I've been looking forward to some hot weather lately. I'm excited to spend time out in the sun doing fun summer-like things.

with that note, let's get this party started!

  • For the first time in my life I am going to The Mormon Miracle Pageant down in Manti. I'm really kind of excited, even if it's cheesy. :o)
  • As part of this excitement, Soldier Boy and I are going to go camping! woo hoo! I love camping and I'm excited to do it with the someone that I love.
  • Soldier Boy's daughter is coming too! I always look forward to spending time with her. It should be good times.
  • Dancing last night was lots of fun times. I love dancing with my boyfriend. He's an amazing dancer and it's always a wonderful time to be dancing with him. :o)
  • One of my former Relief Society presidents is getting married tomorrow. I am so happy for her and am excited to go and wish her well.
  • Pandora and I have been really good friends as of late. I'm a fan of music. HUGE fan.
  • So....I'm moving right? I still don't know where yet, but I'm working on that. :P I hate looking for somewhere to live. It's so...crazy.
  • the show last weekend went well. It wasn't without it's dramatic moments, but it went well. My girls performed admirably and I was so proud of them. They looked amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to end my year on. I'll miss them, but I look forward to the new opportunities that await me in the future.
  • My room is a disaster. Because I'm moving sometime in the next 6 weeks...I really don't want to clean it. I should just start putting things into boxes....hmmmm......
  • work has been fairly crazy this past week. :P I might be starting to go crazy...
I think that's about it my friends. Life is great now that it is officially summer time. Now to just find somewhere to live.... catch ya on the flip side!


tianamarie said...

Aww... I'm kind of sad that I'm all caught up now, now I have to patiently wait for the next post - just as things were gettin' good!