Monday, June 11, 2012

2 months of happiness plus an adventure in the mountains

Hey guys! How are all y'all?!

Last night Soldier Boy and I celebrated 2 months of happiness. I love being his girlfriend. It makes me so happy to do girlfriend-like things for him. I make dinner for us several nights a week and it is one of my favorite things to be able to do that. Soldier Boy loves it (what boy wouldn't?!) and is so appreciative it just makes me want to keep on doing it! sigh. Life is good in our little world.

So on Friday night this last weekend I told Soldier Boy that I wanted to go on an adventure. Well, his suggestion was that we go up Spanish Fork canyon and try out the natural hot springs that are up there. We've tried the ones in Saratoga Springs and the ones in Ogden, but not these particular ones. We'd heard good things about them and decided to give it a go. After looking up some information we decided to head on down. Now, we prepared to go on a little hike - but also knew that there would be close to a full moon so we thought we could do this hike without a flashlight. This was not a brilliant idea. Luckily, some kind samaritans saw our plight as they were hiking OUT of the canyon and gave us their almost dead flashlight. It gave us just enough light to get to the hot pots and back completely dying out right as we got to our car.

Now, we knew from our little googling before hand that this hike wouldn't be super strenuous and would be about 2.25 miles one way....well, what we didn't really think about is the fact that hiking at night takes longer because it is dark and even with a flashlight it's hard to see. So....our little adventure of hiking and soaking in the hot pots and the hiking back took WAY longer than either of us anticipated BUT it was a TOTAL success and was SO MUCH FUN.

One thing to note if you ever go these hot springs - the sulfur content is higher than any other hot springs Soldier Boy and I have been to in Utah. It turned my sterling silver CTR ring black. Granted, cleaning said ring with jewelry cleaner or silver cleaner will clean it right up. For now I'm leaving it because my ring looks SUPER awesome black. But I wouldn't wear any other jewelry in the future.

Just as a side note, Soldier Boy and I decided that our favorite hot springs are the ones in Ogden. I don't know if we'll ever go to the ones in Spanish Fork again. That long of a hike sort of defeats the purpose of relaxing...but it was absolutely beautiful up there. The view of the night sky was absolutely incredible. :o)