Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday thingies

I'm uber swamped, running on 4 hours of sleep and hoping that I can get everything done that needs to get done. ha. we go.

  • I have the best boyfriend ever. We might have stayed up too late last night, but it was because we were having the best conversation. I love talking with him.
  • dancing. tonight. be there or be boring.
  • i'm hoping all ten members of my company are in class tonight. We only have 8 weeks until the show...we need to get crackin' on choreography!
  • we got badges/swipe cards for our new security system at work. I love them. 
  • I'm spending time with the boyfriend and his daughter this weekend....I'm REALLY nervous about it.
  • Seriously, I'm ridiculously nervous.
  • Although Solider Boy did say the sweetest thing when I was telling him about this fear. He said, "Alishka, you have nothing to worry about. Honsetly, [daughter] is not going to remember a time when you weren't a part of her life."
  • See? sweetest boyfriend ever. Totally put me at ease.
  • BUT it's still a new facet to our relationship. guess we'll see what happens.....
  • It's going to be SO SO SO pretty this weekend. I'm stoked to play outside and stuff.
  • ALSO my Beckybob is in town AS WE SPEAK and we're playing tomorrow and i am just OH SO EXCITED. Truly. EXCITED!!

that's about it. :o) Have a great weekend!