Wednesday, April 11, 2012


dearest lovelies.....

I have the best of news.

the future boyfriend (Soldier Boy) is now officially my real-life boyfriend!


Everything that we were waiting for to go through is signed, sealed and delivered. This makes me so ridionkulously happy!

The story of how I found out is amazing. Are you ready for this?

SO. It's Spring Break round these parts so I only had TWO ballet students in my class and three in my choreography class (out of 5 for both of them) so...we goofed around a bit and whatever. So earlier in the day Soldier Boy had texted me asking when I get out of class so he knew when to expect my call (legit question, although slightly suspicious) and then just as I was getting out of class he texted me and asked for my roommate's phone number. also a little suspicious, but oh well. (btw I never see him on Tuesdays. I don't get done w/teaching until 8:15 putting me at home around 8:30 or's just not worth it right now)

So I'm driving home talking to him and like 5 minutes into our conversation he tells me he has to go, but he'll call me right back. Within 5 minutes he does. we're talking and whatever and I'm walking up the stairs and as I get to my apt door, there's a HUGE bouquet of flowers (see pic below) and I'm all "someone left me (i think?) flowers..." and Soldier Boy doesn't say a WORD. I'm opening the door, he hangs up and there he is walking towards me. He grabs my face....and kisses me. and I kiss him back. and drop like half the things in my arms (not the flowers) and then I pull away and say "it's all done then? signed, sealed, delivered?" and he said "yup." and then we proceeded to make out like rabbits. Okay, maybe not that bad....but there was a lot of kissing. and then he told me he wanted to take his girlfriend out to dinner so I quickly changed out of my teaching clothes and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I couldn't stop looking at him. I mean, kissing him before for that one week was good and all....but this. THIS was amazingly better because now there's all these feelings we've developed through real conversations.

So there you go. I am officially off the market (probably for the rest of my life) and I couldn't be happier.

the beautiful flowers my BOYFRIEND gave me last night. SO PRETTY!!!