Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One week....

I realize today is Tuesday and that usually means that I post a wonderful Tender Mercy Tuesday post about blessings in my life. I do have lots of things to be grateful right now, but honestly I'm still riding cloud 9 as I think about what happened one week ago today.

Speaking of one week, every time I think of that phrase I think of this fun song  by the Barenaked Ladies. Also fun fact: the theme song to my favorite tv show The Big Bang Theory? Sung by the Barenaked Ladies. I knew they were awesome for a reason. ;)

Anyways. I had a great weekend - it was filled with zumba, dinner with friends, and Ballet West with Soldier Boy aka my boyfriend. (I don't think I'll ever get tired of calling him my boyfriend. *grin*) I'll post a recap about that later - I was slightly disappointed with parts of it and wowed with others. :o) In the meantime, I'm enjoying the fact that I'm dating the sweetest guy in the entire world. :o) Have a great tax day folks!