Monday, October 10, 2011


It was just like that - POOF! Suddenly, summer was gone and all the was left in it's wake was a horrible tan line that never went away and the wishes of more sunshine. This weekend was filled with loads of cold temperatures, cloudy skies, rainy (and a little snow!) days and lots of indoor adventures.

I'm sorry I sort of disappeared the end of last week. Thursday was just insanely busy and I never got around to posting and then I had Friday off, which ended up being so very busy and Saturday was much the same. I did finally choose and begin the contemporary piece for BU2 (thank goodness!) and now I get to start the process of finding music for my ballet class in Spanish Fork. I start that class in one week and I want to start choreography (or at least learn some sections of the choreography and teach them so the students aren't shocked by said choreography) in a month...and then I'll actually teach the dance w/formations to them in the beginning of the year. We are to do a dance on discouragement. Any music ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated.

I finally got my new computer at work. It is sooooo pretty. I have a HUGE monitor that I love, Windows 7 operating system that I'm still getting used to and Microsoft Office 10 that is making me think very hard. ;)

In other news I need to ask a boy to go see Ballet West's Dracula with me in less than 2 weeks. I have been thinking about asking Blindman2 OR I might ask this one guy in my ward. sigh. I just don't know who to take.

In other news, life is busy. Actually, that's not really news, especially if you know me in real life. I'm just always doing things. This week is no exception.

Anywho, this is a very boring, mundane post. I'll try to be funnier in the future, but I make no promises. ;)