Monday, January 25, 2010

my weekend recap...

let's see. i had one goal right? 3 C's - craft, clean, cook.

I crafted. my apt. is starting to look a little more v-dayish and it makes my heart happy.

clean - uh...not so much. sort of, but not really. i might try to do better about this sometimes this week. maybe. no guarantees. life is busy.

cook. um. i cooked a TINY bit. but...i didn't make the treat i was going to make. maybe some point this week? again with the maybes...

one thing FOR SURE! I have the clearance to run on my knee. SO. tonight is back to the gym night. i am so freakin' excited. i will be running to my little hearts content all while watching Big Bang Theory. My favorite show ever. WEE!!!

also - SwingKid ended up NOT having a shift Saturday afternoon/evening so we spent the evening watching the US figure skating championships (women's long program) and i cut out hearts out of paper. it was SO fun, and very relaxing. I really enjoyed just SITTING next to my boyfriend. After that we had a nice, long conversation. Sunday I went to a couple church meetings with him, and again it was just nice to be with him. weekend turned out pretty fabulous. I even worked a little overtime. This next week should be 100x better than last week, especially because SwingKid and I are going to Tucano's for his birthday tomorrow night.  I'm pretty much going to starve myself tomorrow so that I can eat my full.  YUMMY.


The Boob Nazi said...

I cleaned this weekend! I AM SO PROUD. I might die of my pride.