Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Open Letters

Dear January -

I am sort of sick of you. Sure, you brought some happiness and cake into my life, but right now the dreary, cloudy, grey, foggy nothingness you are producing sort of suck. Please be over now.

Thank you,

Dear Birds outside of my Office -

Thank you for chirping each morning and giving me hope that spring is closer than it seems right now. If I had a bird feeder I would put something special in it.

Many thanks,

Dear Hair on the Top of my Head -

I am sort of getting sick of you. Don't get me wrong, I love how sassy and cute I feel with my light brown and blonde highlighted locks. I love how much SwingKid enjoys it and how flirty I feel each day. However, I am getting very bored of the blondeness. It hasn't been quite a year since I went blonde and I'm feeling its time for a change. I have plans to change you quite drastically the week of my birthday, but that is still 4 weeks away. I'm not sure I can last. So please, try to make me happy for a month okay?

Thank you,


The Boob Nazi said...

Yeah, my hair is driving me craaaaazyyyyy.