Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little Thursday by my side...

guys. It's Thursday. It has been a long, long (emotional) week and I'm glad to say the weekend is almost within reach. I unfortunately work tomorrow, but that will lead to a long weekend, short work week and another long weekend, so I think I can handle it....ANYWAYS. let's get on with things shall we?

  • Last night I got together with my besties from my time in AIDA for a little frozen yogurt goodness. Man, I LOVE those girls SO MUCH! they are just super awesome. I always enjoy talking with them. :o)
  • I went to a State Liquor store last night with my Sister B and bought vodka.
  • Yes, I bought vodka.
  • No, I didn't drink it.
  • INSTEAD! I made vanilla extract by slicing and scraping Madagascar Vanilla Beans. It was a fun adventure. :o)
  • Also, I just like saying the word vodka. It's fun.
  • Soldier Boy, his daughter and I are all going to the Brigham City Temple open house tomorrow evening. I am VERY excited about this.
  • As mentioned above I have a 3-day weekend (YAY Labor Day!), followed by a 3-day work week and ending with another 3-day weekend. HAPPY DAY. Seriously, SO HAPPY.
  • My mind is still trying to get settled and realize that I'm no longer's kind of a weird feeling.
  • Also, I need to go to the temple, it's been far too long, that will happen next Friday - on my day off. FOR SURE. :o)
  • I am making a meal plan for next month so I can do more bulk shopping at Costco. Any meal suggestions you want to leave are VERY welcome. :o)
  • In other news....August ends tomorrow and I'm having a really hard time accepting the fact that summer is practically over. :(

that's all folks! have a great weekend!!