Monday, August 06, 2012

I'm baaaack....almost

Hey friends! It's been a while hasn't it? :o) Life has been extremely ________ (pick your favorite adjective; I'm pretty sure it will fit. :P )

Seriously though, last time I left you with lists of things I HAVE done and things that were HAPPENING and yada yada yada. Since it's has just about been three weeks since I last wrote, I thought you deserved a little update.

so here you go a few things I have done (some picture proof...)

  • I have officially moved out of my place of living in O*. I lived there for 3 years. It was good to me, until it came time to clean. Seriously? Cleaning that place was AWFUL. Luckily I'm done and I don't care anymore.
  • SAW MY FAMILY!! to celebrate, we grilled pizza: 
  • Drove to New Mexico....and back: 

  • on the way back I kissed my boyfriend in all 4 states at one time:

  • THEN I became homeless. You guys, being homeless sucks. Granted, I have somewhere to stay and all that jazz, but not having a place that is MINE is just not so much fun. :( 
  • OH! I went to Soldier Boy's Family reunion. We went camping at Beaver Mountain and took a day trip to the North Shore of Bear Lake. HOLY MOLY is Bear Lake GORGEOUS! I had never been before and it was SO SO SO great. Unfortunately, I left all kinds of photo taking devices packed in a box/in my purse/in my car so there is no photo documentation...but it was FUN TIMES.
  • My boyfriend? He's amazing. He had his daughter this past weekend (well, a little bit longer, but I digress) and he's just  the most amazing dad. Seriously, it warms my soul to see him interacting with her. I can't wait to have kids with him and all that jazz.
  • also, my boyfriend puts up with my random emotional outbursts. I've had my share of them these past few weeks and I've been rather stressed and such and have had more than one crying session. Luckily for me, Soldier Boy lets me cry on his shoulder and holds me until I am better.
I think that's it for now. I'm sure I'm missing things...but once I'm moved in to my new apartment and I have some kind of internet I will check back in with you...until next time, keep smiling! :o)


Stacylyn said...

this pleaseth me!

Live, Laugh,Love said...

I wish you luck on moving! Really glad you're at least doing alright! :D I hope car driving is fun and all that jazz. :P