Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2 weeks later...

Hey guys!

So I've been living at my new place for TWO WEEKS as of today, and let me just tell you that I LOVE not being homeless anymore! There is so much less stress knowing that where I'm headed after work is a place that I can call MINE. Makes me happy.

Since moving I have found that there are Pros and Cons to my new place (as I think there ALWAYS is with new things.) So for your reading enjoyment, today I give you the Pros and Cons of living up north.....

  • I have my own bathroom. Our new apartment that I share w/my roommate is a 2 bed/2 bath setup and I'm in love with it.
  • Natural Light. Because of where our apartment is, we get SO MUCH natural light, especially in the late afternoon and this makes me happy.
  • I still have a washer and dryer IN my apartment. This is fantastic.
  • I only have 1 other roommate. SERIOUSLY cuts down on the drama. :o)
  • I live in the middle of practically everything the Salt Lake Valley has to offer. It's SO FAST to get anywhere! 
  • Swimming Pool/Hot Tub. need I say more? 
  • I'm closer to Soldier Boy. WIN! Also, it puts us a lot closer to where his daughter lives and it makes it easier to spend time with her which is a HUGE win.
  • I live closer to some of my friends. This is happy.
  • Also, we live closer to some dancing venues
  • the commute. Obviously commuting a minimum of 35 minutes each way does get annoying, but i have rediscovered an old favorite in morning talk shows and am slowly being converted to audio books. So it's not THAT bad.
  • It's smaller than my last apartment....and I have a lot of stuff. I'm trying to go through things as I unpack and get rid of more...but still! 
  • There's not a great place to put a good sized kitchen garbage can. This annoys me. I have one under the sink...but it's shorter which = me emptying it more often. I hate taking out the trash.
  • The lighting in the apartment is WEIRD. There are no main lights in the lv room or either bedroom, and the plugs that are controlled by the light switches are in an awkward spot and are NOT helpful. (and even better, some of the light switches are in REALLY odd places. It's just weird.)
  • I am not as close to some of my friends...which makes it hard to plan activities. 
  • We live farther from Blue close to other venues helps balance this out...a little bit.

I think that's it....for now. Who knows, maybe I'll update this list someday, for now I'm still trying to get that last box emptied and out of my apartment....until next time - adios!


Stacylyn said...

I love going dancing at the murray art center. Check it out. so fun.

I love listening to audio books and talks on tape while I drive. So fun.

Live, Laugh,Love said...

Good luck on unpacking! I love audio books too! :)

Bill said...

If you love audiobooks, then I can't recommend enough. Seriously, totally worth it. :)